22 April 2011

ZIA Easter eggs

From my visual diary; yesterday I washed a page with diluted coffee, then as it was drying in the sunshine, flicked a brush laden with water at it (they're the lighter bits showing).  Then I loaded a brush with the dregs from the coffee cup and that's how came about.. the darker splashes.

I love this background, although at first, my intention for making it was to tangle the 'brown eggs' on it and cut them as separate eggs, for a plain white background.
..so it's only black micron pen for the tangles, and watercolour for the grasses.  Happy Easter!


Geke said...

I just posted my easter eggs on my blog when Carole's Creative Corner popped up with hers. LOL
What a beauty Carole! Love the coffee diluted background. What a great idea.
I did try the watercolour background as you mentioned a few days ago but it didn't work out and I didn't have time to spend more time on it so I just coloured them with coloured fineliners. I just love yours......

Diana said...

You are so talented.......I need to read more of your blog to see if I can learn a few things :)

Happy Easter my friend :)

Jan Castle said...

So time appropriate...love it! You just keep getting better and better Carole!!! Oh how I wish we lived close by each other...alas, I will have to be satisfied with the Internet...don't get me wrong, I'm very grateful that we can meet this way!!!
Have a blessed Easter Carole - thanks for being my Internet friend!
Jan Castle

Lyn S said...

Love your coffee background Carole, such a stunning effect!

Ingrid said...

This is so beautiful Carole ... love it! :)