16 April 2011

Paper Cutting: Bunnies

I'd reserved this book online through the regional library system some time ago, and then forgot about it. Eventually an email pops in to tell me Claudia Hopf's, Papercutting Pattern Book is ready for pick up at my local library.

Since Easter is just around the corner now, I chose to try this design.
It is at this stage, with just two tiny pieces to cut, and then the border/outline to complete, that I thought time to take a pic to show the journey.

Off to go make a cup of caffeine to celebrate the nearing of the end in sight (it can be a little tedious trimming at length, inside tight corners). I also cut with the blade knife because I find using scissors in tiny spaces, awkward to handle.
Then with some leftover batik stamped eggs (see a how-to tutorial link from this older post).

The papercutting hasn't been glued down in any places for this post; I'll be using it to make an Easter card front.


Bonnie Belk said...

Your bunnies are amazing! So detailed and perfect. Did you know that there is now a blade knife like your little orange one that has a swivel blade so it turns for small spaces? Just saw it recently.
I also want to know if you have more hours in your days in Australia than we have in ours. I'm trying to figure out how you get so many beautiful things done. ;-)

Jan Castle said...

I totally agree with Bonnie! I just don't have enough hours in my day!!! Your bunnies are lovely...I do sooooo admire your work Carole!

Heather T. said...

Oh my word Carole! This is amaaaaaaaaaaazing!!!! I've been wanting to try papercutting, but I'm just way too intimidated...

Nati said...

Nati from Brazil