21 April 2011

Z.I.A. Easter chicken...and more

..there is more to this image than I'm going to share.  I'd tangled an egg for the background, but that flower at the top turned ugly since  I'd only drawn up four big petals, and not the golden rule, uneven numbers.  It looked very ordinary like that!  The little chicken though was o.k. and I didn't want to start all over again...

This one, was an experiment some time ago when Molly at Molly Bee's Attic, came up with a new design Pwuzzle, mimicking the pussy-willow.  Molly Doodles is a  new site for Molly's zentangle-inspired-art, but it doesn't include the original post to this design it seems.

So while we have fun getting lost in tangles, it can happen, that you draw up and experiment something that you think is somewhat original.  Normie Rowe, Aussie rock-singer from the 60's had a hit single "It Ain't Necessarily So" ........

When I'd first started tangling in February, I posted this link to a design I conjured up. 

By chance today, when looking over Linda Farmer's Tangle Patterns, there was Facets, by Nancy Pinke, CZT.  It jumped out at me; my own design is then, a variation as it happens, of Nancy's own original.  

See how to draw Facets on the official zentangle site here


Bonnie Belk said...

The colors on your facets are fabulous - as is the coloring of them! And I love the chickie. . . that one makes my heart race!!!!! Did you draw the little bird right out of your brain? It looks so fuzzy I'd like to pet it; and the flowers and tangles in the "egg" behind it are the very picture of spring. Love the pussywillow design, too. The center of the flower looks like embroidered french knots. It's a definite keeper!
Great work - AGAIN!

Jan Castle said...

Your design is wonderful!!!! Love everything about it...you must really be enjoying this - I know how that goes...LOL! Bonnie sent me some stamped images to play with of a stamp I ordered...I've already colored all of them! Think we have OCD?

Molly Bee said...

That'll teach me to get behind on my blog reading! Love the pwizzles!

Lyn S said...

Hi Carole, doing a big catch-up here....you've been very busy! I love your Easter card, the little chicken is just gorgeous!!