26 April 2011

Colour me Cheery

Past few nights I've been reading through Diana Trout's, Journal Spilling.

Not only do I enjoy Diana's The Hub Bub blog, but I'm also really enjoying this excellent book. It's easy reading, with tons of colourful step-by-step pictures and helpful information.

With 'colour spilling' Diana suggests to "work quickly" ... and to "not think". I get the idea, you just push yourself right into it and JUST DO IT!

Well tonight, after dinner I drifted to the computer; the washing up is still waiting for me. I "just did this" painting (forgive me, but right here at my keyboard, i.e. digitally). I just wanted to see what would become of it, and I hope it's ... brightened your day.


Bonnie Belk said...

Is there anything you can't do? These are amazing - and they have already brightened my day!
Thanks, Carole

Diana said...

Very pretty.......I may have to check this out.....and I agree with Bonnie - is ther anything you can't do? :)

Lyn S said...

Loving these bright, bold flowers Carole!

Ingrid said...

Very effective Carole. Lovely colours. :)