28 February 2011

Zentangle, and your Zentangle "inspired" art

Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas are the originators of Zentangle, a registered company. Visit their site and read how their company evolved, and how they each continue to teach and promote Zentangles.

Read more on possible copyright issues when working with your own Zentangle inspired art, on Linda Farmer's site, TanglePatterns. Thanks to Genevieve too, Zentangle Harmony for your comment on Tangle Patterns, re "inspired art". That's exactly what we're each doing.

This is an ideal opportunity to become familiar with how to post your art online, with a new awareness to many possibly, to what's considered fair play re our Zentangle inspired, drawings and pattern-making.

1 comment:

Jan Castle said...

Thanks for the heads up Carole...will remember to look into that when or if I am able to play with the Zentangle techniques.