23 February 2011

My Liebster blog award

Thank you :) Lyn Smith, blogger of Arty Aspirations for handing over the Liebster blog award to me recently. This award is to promote lesser known but quality blogs, helping to gain them new followers who may not have found them, before this opportunity.

We all can do with a little push into new arenas! My three favourite blogs I'd love to promote, are the following.

Wild Cards on my Workbench by Ros' C, in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Ros' shares her most creative cardmaking and baking skills along with other interesting posts.

Water Blossoms blog by Margaret Storer, a wonderfully inspiring watercolour artist.

and Jane Davies CollageJourneys; a well-known artist, but a blog I know many more will benefit from.

It is the "name of the game" for each blog-owner to continue the award by 'passing the baton' to others they feel can do with a little lime-light.

Also, to include in their follow-up post, the Liebster blog image, shown at the top of my post.

Special Note from the Originator:
Dear bloggers:
The aim of this action is that we bring unknown, good blogs to light, so I would ask you not to blog fellow bloggers that already have 3,000 followers.


Bonnie Belk said...

What a great idea - congratulations! And great recipients to receive it from you.

Jan Castle said...

Now this one I could probably do...LOL!

Jan Castle said...

Congrats! 3,000 followers???? Can't even imagine it! Think I have 3...LOL! Would think you would have lots tho'. Will check out your blog suggested people and give them a 'Hi'.

Lyn S said...

Lovely blogs you passed the award on to Carole! I think I need to expand my creative horizons a bit more!