17 February 2011

Zentangle: Florez

At TanglePatterns.com is this link to "How to draw Florez"; a design by Andrea Shuman.

Thanks Andrea (and Linda), for offering new challenges for beginners with wonderful tutorials on how to construct a certain pattern type. Florez is delightful Andrea.

This Zentangle play is drawn on a Zentangle tile.


Cookie said...

Hi, Carole!
Your Zentangle is cute using the Florez Tangle Pattern I created. I love the texture you drew on them. They look like they are made of stone or sand. Love it!

Your work is really cute. The hearts you add colors to are beautiful!

MollyBeees said...

Hi Carole! I'm new to Zentangling and just stumbled on your blog. Beautiful work! I'm looking forward to returning often!

Jan Castle said...

Zentangle Tile??? Okay - I give up, what is a Zentangle Tile? LOL!

Bonnie Belk said...

You are totally amazing, TOTALLY! I can't believe what you've been able to master so quickly. I love this tangle - and I love the florals in it!

Lyn S said...

That is a lovely pattern Carole! You are really going so well with this technique!

MollyBeees said...

Congratulations! You've been awarded the 'Stylish Blogger Award'! Please see my blog for details: