13 February 2011

Valentines Twist to a Zentangle

I promise it's just this once more, with my previous Zentangle.

Turning it into a .ufo object file in my Corel PhotoImpactX3 programme wasn't as easy as I'd hoped. Because of all the pencilled shadows around the Zentangle, they showed up as graphic "jaggies". A major tidy-up was needed before I could work with it further.

It was a fun project, and I hope the many ardent and creative Zentangle artists whose work I admire so much, will approve of my little side-step from the norm, just for Valentines Day.


Anonymous said...

Amazing! Simply amazing.

What else can I say!

Mary said...

Gosh you have put a lot of work into your little work of art Carole :)well done.

Jan Castle said...

WOW is all I utter! It's sooooooo - artistic Carole! Guess I need to learn to play more with my Photoshop Elements! Well done!

Lyn S said...

I love how this turned out Carole! Fabulous artwork!

Marg said...

Beautifully done Carole. Love it!
Easily could make a lovely card front.

ledenzer said...

This is really a work of art! I love the colors and the design!