04 April 2013

Rural scenery Gloucester, on mid north coast, N.S.W.

 cows have got it good
 birders start hiking ... up through all the trees, to the top of ridge. The going became quite steep and a little arduous to think take a pic after this!  Hung onto binoculars dangling around my neck, camera slung off one shoulder, watching for bog-holes where the cattle had been in the wet, cow pats included, and climb and step about rocky outcrops.  It might look cool with all the green, but it was actually probably around 28 - 32 degrees celcius on the day.
 near the top now, well as far up as we were going
It was at this point that we followed the fence-line around, you can see it at the bottom right of this photo.  The going was MUCH easier coming back.
 the views were quite something special
morning-tea is beckoning next on the list

This SMH newspaper article tells all about Gloucester


TexWisGirl said...

beautiful area. love the cows!

Brian King said...

Those are awesome views, alright! Just gorgeous! I'd love to hike there! Nice photos, Carole.

Jan Castle said...

pretty country, but what a hike!!!

Digi-Irma said...

What an incredibly beautiful environment Carole.
I can imagine that the walk was very hard up, with those temperatures.
The cows in the country are also beautiful.
greetings Irma

Seraphina´s Phantasie said...

A wonderful landscape and beautiful photos. I was in this area in 2006. Amazing !

Ana Mínguez Corella said...

Hi Carole!!!. What a beautiful place.. Love it.. Regards from Spain..

Helma said...

Hello Carole,

with you, the sun shines exuberantly I see. I think your first picture with the tree fantasist sich! A blog where you just happy.

Kind regards, Helma

Dianne said...

What a fabulous days outing Carole .... I've been on many photography outings but never a birding day .... it must have been fun.

diane b said...

hat was one tough climb. You wore me out just looking at the pics. It is a fabulously beautiful area. Shame about the coal seam gas mining. Bill says you can watch the 4 Corners programme on ABC iView on your computer. Just google ABC iview.

Carole M. said...

wish you each could come along on these walks with me; you'd love it! Diane; Tks to your Bill re the iview for that missed tv segment on Gloucester.

Geke said...

Beautiful, beautiful!!!! Love the pictures and the landscape. I would love to go on hikes like this. Everything looks so green! The views are awsome!