08 April 2013

Early morning walk beside Gloucester river

 I'd been trying for early morning bird photographs but it was too dark to capture successfully the grey fantails in the shrubbery nearby
 it was a nice surprise to just happen across this quaint area

"Minimbah - Place of Learning, this special place is a Symbol of Respect to the Aboriginal People of this Land, Past, Present and Future.

The Connection between Aboriginal Culture and Nature provides lessons about the importance of respecting each other and the diverse environment that sustains us and our future generations.

We hope you enjoy the Peace and Serenity of Minimbah.  Please Respect the Plants and Animals."

reminding me of totem poles

rest a while for the bigger ones ..I should've bought my thermos!

and rest a while for the littlies too
 as the sun rises


TexWisGirl said...

the 2nd photo and the last are just wonderful and 'misty'. love the carvings!

Jan Castle said...

What an I teresting outing!!! Great pictures and history. TFS Carole

Κωστής Τζαγκαράκης said...

I love these photographs taken in the early morning mist.

Dianne said...

You were up very early Carole on such a beautiful soft misty morning ... a thermos of coffee would have been perfect!
I love your last capture as those first rays of sunlight gently diffuse the darkness.

Jeanne said...

Love these early morning shots with the morning mists. Interesting about Minimbah ( sp), and those tree trunks are amazing!

Montanagirl said...

What a nice place for a walk! And that sunrise photo is breathtaking!!

Phil said...

You have taken some lovely peaceful photographs to go with the important messages on the board Carole. It's good to see that the board has not been defaced so maybe the kind thoughts worked some magic?

Linda said...

Lovely photos...I really like the early morning mist, too.

Geke said...

What a beautiful morning mist and interesting "totem poles"!

Judy said...

The last image is simply gorgeous!!! I love the mist!! And those totem poles are so interesting!! Totally different from the ones along the Pacific coast of Canada!!