29 January 2012

More sight-seeing around Sydney Harbour precincts

Are you still with me on this Australia Day trek?  Hope I haven't lost you along the way ....

From Dawes Point, around under the bridge, there is this view of the iconic Luna Park "just for fun" park.  Just about everyone  my era, has been on the Big Dipper there (and some wish they hadn't .. like me). 

Walking up Hickson Road, Walsh Bay now .. and a glimpse between buildings I see marinas ...and a myriad of apartments.

N.S.W. Maritime is the owner of this development. valued at $AUD800 million, occupying a land area of 8 hectares including 3 finger wharves.  Quoting: Walsh Bay is one of Australia's most historic waterfront precincts.  Its wharves, shore sheds and bond stores were constructed between 1906 and 1922, under the first President of the Sydney Harbour Trust, Mr. Robert Hickson and chief engineer Mr HD Walsh and formed Sydney's main commercial port area.

Domain/belle Property are advertising a marina berth/mooring space here, western side of The Pier, 18.5m x 6.35m, asking for offers above $AUD200,000. 

Hickson Road is also home to the The Sydney Theatre, at #22, and there's a creative demonstration of the arts nearby. From the water-views to this!  What would you have thought?

I've learnt it's one of the Walsh Bay Sculpture Walk projects, and this one can be attributed to Jimmie Durham.

Moving on, and up ........I count the sets of steps on the way, twenty or twenty-one a-piece x three.

At the top of the steps I glance back to what I was leaving behind, and I loved the look of these renovations on the bay too; in fact I prefer the charm of these to the more modernistic, especially in this setting.

But look what was next, just at the top of those steps.... a bird's nest, I hadn't seen one all day, and what a beauty!!  Compliments the late Brett Whiteley, titled Black Totem II.

Coming up next, it's 30 Windmill St, Walsh Bay, one of the historic Bond Store Warehouses, dating back to the early 1900's.  This Bond Store 3, has been converted into a modern, four-storey office building according to this real-commercial site.  You can see for yourself there, the workable interior renovations effected. Currently, wholly occupied by an international tenant, with a net income approx. $AUD1.82 million p.a.  Looking for expressions of interest/for sale.

And yes, there's still more; watch this space, and come with me next, to the historic Rocks area.

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eileeninmd said...

What a lovely tour, almost like being there. The sculpture is a little weird or is it just me? I love the birds nest, it sure is a big egg. Great post and photos.

TexWisGirl said...

i like the curvature in that 3rd shot. and those sculptures are very neat! :)

Filip Demuinck said...

I am super impressed with these special pictures of Sydney.


hannah said...

This is a fantastic series of posts. I have learned more about parts of Australia through the blogs than ever before.
BTW, you know about the MyWOrld Tuesday meme, don't you?
It would fit there beautifully as well.

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Great photos. I enjoyed seeing your part of the world.

Julie said...

Nah, I did not go up that way, but back under the approach to the bridge. I have done quite a few meanders in the area though, So has Jim.

Geke said...

A tour with surprises. Leroy just came in and saw the pic of the car. He said: what happened to that car? :-)
Thanks for showing us around Sydney harbour.I've enjoyed it!