11 December 2010

Taylord Concepts & The best blog candy giveaway going....

You know how easy it is to get lost going from one blog to another? One reads so good, and you think the blogs that they read, have to be worth checking out too. Before long you wonder quite whose blog you'd started on?

That happened just a moment ago to me, and I couldn't wait to spread the word about Erika Taylor's fantastic giveaway! A whole host of goodies being offered on January 5 to celebrate this wonderful site's blogging anniversary.

Don't wait any longer though; all you have to do is become a follower of Taylord Concepts blog and leave a comment on the blog candy post, which remains at the top of Erika's blog. Then spread the word around, via your own Blog, Facebook page and/or Twitter.

Prizes amount to approx. $900.00 worth of "Crafty Heaven" as Erika says.

Everyone wants to be a winner right? Wait till you see the goodies to be had on Taylord Concepts!

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