20 December 2010

Nature's bounty

Had to share a single photo taken late yesterday. Spotted these two doves from an upstairs window sitting huddled on the side fence below. I suspect they have a nest in the shrubbery next door and were waiting out the last of the day before settling in for the night.

My thoughts were to grab the camera and see just what I could capture from the distance, through the glass. It was the best I could do with the opportunity, cropping the larger picture down to the closer image.

It seemed most apt to share at this special time of year; I hope you like it as much as I do.


RosC said...

This is a lovely shot and besides the subject, the cropping and the camera work are really terrific. What was the focal length of the lens? This was so well spotted!
Have you read/heard the Aussie rendition of the 'Partridge' carol? It always makes me laugh... after the turtle doves, "And an emu up a gum tree."
Best to you,

Lyn S said...

Great photo Carole! This would make a lovely Christmas card, just ad a bit of tinsel!

Stampmouse said...

oh wow that is gorgeous.

Dear Carissmi said...

that is such a beautiful picture!



Bonnie Belk said...

Beautiful, simply beautiful!