01 December 2010

Snippets from my garden during November

Here we are now already into December, and I wanted to share some pics I'd taken throughout November in the garden, to share on my blog.

This web is consistently in the same place most mornings of late; the garden for better, for worse, harbours a lot of spiders and they weave their magic from one side of the pathways to another from dusk onwards. If you were to follow me outdoors each morning you might think I was performing some ritualistic magic spell as I wave a long stick ahead of me to make sure I get through without the invisible hair-net happening!

This Mandevilla will flower Spring, Summer and Autumn and I love the deep red colouring.

First time I've grown Grape Tomatoes and they're a total success. Good size, great to pick and eat when out in the garden straight from the trusses; lovely flavour.

Painted an old plastic pot and gave it a new look to plant out some pieces of dianthus given to me over winter; couldn't get over the height of the flowering stems! A beautiful clove-like perfume too.

Fuschias I love them! Most all parts of my garden are bathed in sunshine but these I have near to the front door on the southern side. I just need to be sure they're watered often enough, especially during the hot winds/Summer. They are the easiest plants to propagate and this one I've grown from just a cutting.

You can read more on growing your own fuschias from cuttings in this article I've written if you wish.

It's an alstroemeria with variagated leaves. The bulbs had been given to me from a friend in Nthn. N.S.W., some years ago now. I've never seen it before anywhere; a most unusual flower colour combination red/green, reminds me of the Australian native Kangaroo Paw in those same colours.

And last but not least; the gardenia bush is now smothered in masses of fragrant flowers like these. I've also an article on growing gardenias here.

Thanks for stopping by and I love that I can share a little of my garden with you this way. (Don't freak out about the spiders though).


Selma said...

Oh my gosh Carole. I want to go visit you. Your flowers are gorgeous. We just received two feet of snow!!!!

Adrienne W said...

I too love your garden and want to visit!
It's the olde world type, not like my tropical/seaside one!

I so miss the cold climate plants :(

Thanks for sharing..

Trena in Naperville said...

What a beautiful garden Carole!!

I am enjoying looking at with all the snow we have in IL, USA. :o)

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!