07 August 2009

Fairy Wrens

We all have heard the ancient saying .. “a picture paints a thousand words”. Well I thought since I love sharing photos with my email friends, that I would also start adding some of my favourites here on my blog.

Those of you who are subscribing to my blog will get to know a little more of me through the pictures I’m “painting”. Things that make me want to go take a picture and share and, since I’m a nature-lover, often it is very likely to be something found in our garden throughout the various seasons.

So, intermingled with some creative posts (when time permits) .. will be a little of the photographer in me, or very occasionally, like today, sometimes taken by Des too.

Des took the photo very quickly just this morning, when he saw this male Superb blue Fairy Wren darting about on a crepe-myrtle shrub in our back garden. Their vibrant blue colour is accentuated ready for the Spring ahead.

We just love these wrens. The next photo is one from last year, and since the females retain this buff colouring, this could be either a juvenile male or female Fairy Wren.

I hope you've enjoyed a little from our garden and I welcome and enjoy reading your comments anytime.


Lyn S said...

Wonderful photos Carole! I wish I could take great photos like these :)

Adrienne W said...

Aren't they delightful little birds!
Your photographic skills are to be admired :o)

Deborah said...

Hi Carole, I just love these photos of the Fairy Wrens. Also your paper cuttings and cards are great, especially your Christmas in July Iris folding card and paper Quilting card. I am going to bookmark your blog so that I can peruse at leisure when I have more time.