08 August 2009

Papercutting: Horses and Cart

I'd decided this Dover image would make for a charming olde-world card top. It measures just 13 x 8 cm (5 x 3.25 inches). By the time I was finished cutting though, my thoughts went to a back-drop ; maybe something like....
This late 1800's photograph (photo-copied) from early Australian days seemed perfect! The occupants of the old house are standing outside the fence too, but are unfortunately obsured by the papercut.
But then this wonderful paper-tole image crafted by my friend, also looks right, don't you think? It's of "The Garrison Church and Argyle Cut, Sydney" and the original sketch is by Cedric Emanuel.

Because of the 3-D nature of the paper-tole, I'd photographed it first, and then printed and secured to cardstock before adding the silhouette papercut.

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Anonymous said...

THIS is brilliant! I love the paper-tole image behind the papercut image. So much paper fun in one project!