13 August 2009

Nasturtiums - a little olde' world charm

It's photo day since creativity is on hold, but there's always time to take some pics, or pull some favourites from my folders to share with you.

I know nasturtiums have been around forever, but I still love them, and love to have them romping around in some of the sunniest spots of our garden. At this time of year for us, while it is still Winter, I have a bounty of vibrantly colourful nasturtium flowers; the bees love them too!

This buddha statue was purchased from a nursery gift store some time ago now. To me, it seems to evoke a sense of tranquility and I enjoy offering new seasonal flowers to add to its charm. Buddha sits on a narrow recycled jarrah timber table Des had made; it's in our entrance hallway, right near the front door. This is how it is this morning as I took this photo.
Helium article I've written on growing nasturtiums in your garden too, is here.

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