10 March 2013

Black Swans - round two

Wanted to see if I could find the swans again early yesterday morning; well, it was probably 8 a.m. by the time I got down by the bay and no sign of them at first. Ended up sitting a while - had taken a lightweight folding stool and photographed a couple of silver gulls first, and then started walking a little further.

Someone asked if I was looking for anything; I said was hoping on the swans, but they told me I was 'too late' that they're out 'much earlier'. Well as luck would have it, when passing someone else further along the track, they said 'the swans are up there...' 

Seems having a camera rewards you privvy to good tip-offs sometimes. I still struggle with the glare from the water; maybe I should be looking for a polariser/filter?  Have made some minor post-pic adjustments to try and level out the worst of it.

I had thought for a while that I must just take my eye away from the viewfinder to stop and count the number of swans but I was so wrapped up in getting the snaps that I forgot.  Maybe twenty ... What I really did enjoy in the quiet of the morning, away from any traffic noise, was hearing the swans gently honking.  It was as if they were talking to one another, and I'm sure they were.  Wish I knew what they were saying; that's asking a bit much I know.

taken from where I sat; there are more swans to the left of this photo, but I wanted an overall with the Watagan Mountains in the background, and the boats, with the frame of the casuarina branches (she-oak).

And, I did mention the silver-gulls, so a quick pic to finish off this post. 


Beth @ E. lizard Breath Speaks said...

awesome views. don't think i have ever seen a black swan in real life. too cool! ( :

Joop Zand said...

Good post Carole..... i like also that silvergull photo....lovely composition.

Greetings from a cold Holland,


Digi-Irma said...

Beautiful pictures of these black swans ..
Very well photographed.
A very nice Sunday Carole.
Greetings Irma

Jidhu Jose said...

lovely clicks

Marcia said...

When you wrote swans I thought white. Never knew there were black ones. Great photos.

Andrew said...

They really are lovely swans to see... many thanks for sharing them.

TexWisGirl said...

they're just beautiful! i loved the serenity of these photos, too. lovely!

Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

"There she is again."
"The lady with the camera."
"You're kidding? I thought if we moved down here she wouldn't find us."
"Someone must have tipped her off."
and that is the swan talk you didn't understand.
Beautiful birds they are.

Montanagirl said...

Fabulous pics! I have never seen a black swan either, except in pictures.

Jan Castle said...

Black with the red bills.....so Oriental!!! TFS these beauties Carole!

Karen said...

Lovely shots of the water and the birds, I think you might like seagulls as much as I do. Have a nice week.

Nora at Island Rambles said...

I have never seen a black swan, they are so lovely. I want one sent here to visit with my white ones. I wonder if a black swan has mated with a white swan ever.
Having a camera seems to bring on lots of helpers here too! cheers.

Stewart M said...

I do like the swans - I find them hard to capture - I think the all black subject messes with the mind of the exposure controls in cameras!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Bob Bushell said...

Brilliant, that is all I can say, brilliant.

Seraphina´s Phantasie said...

Amazing photos of the black swan. Great work !

Jenny Short said...

They ae both beautiful birds.

Judy said...

Those swans are gorgeous!! I am glad you found them again!!