07 May 2012

Ferntree Gully Reserve - Part One

Did I have a great getaway to Mudgee over several days, arriving home late today? It was super- fabulous, with the greatest comraderie happening, on a birding group 'camp' in the mid-western region of N.S.W. We'd meet at 8.30 a.m. each morning, filling cars, and our 'fearless leader' would escort the convoy to various pre-determined destinations. Morning-tea and lunch stops were most always sitting out in the bush somewhere, and another day, beside the upper end of Burrendong Dam.

To round each day off, we'd generally arrive back at the tourist-park late afternoon, just in time to squeeze in a quick shower, and meet again for Happy-Hour before cooking up on the bbq's at the camp-kitchen.

Some magical scenery, more so than bird photographs, will make it to blog posts coming up for a while. Isn't it always the way, much easier to get a scenic photograph, than it is to get a tiny bird on the move. Especially when they're way up high in the tree-tops, and hiding behind the foliage as they do. Why is it they're so camera-shy?

According to the visitors guide brochure, it should be noted that the Gully Walk, returning via the top track requires a reasonable level of fitness.  There is some scrambling over rocks and some steep ascents and descents on the steps leading into and out of the gully.  The total length of this walk is 2.5 km.

on the way down

 it was looking like a limbo move coming up, remember it, a little-bit-lower now?  You can see one of our group heading down just ahead.  We actually did manage to climb over though.

The special plant community is nurtured by a trust of nine persons appointed to administer this reserve.


Ann said...

That looks like some pretty rugged terrain - I'm impressed! Glad you had fun... there's nothing like a weekend away with like-minded folks.

TexWisGirl said...

love the ferns. and the rocks. nice getaway!

heyBJK said...

That's my kind of place right there! I love that big rock in the first photo. I bet it was fun hiking through that area. Beautiful rock formations!

Horst in Edmonton said...

Love your post today, looks like a fantastic walk and hunt for those little birds that keep hiding on you.
Would love to have been there with you and your group. I love hiking.

Julie Storry said...

Ah, this is now beyond me, but the trials and tribulations of birding with a camera never leave one. And switching from camera to binoculars ... ah the agony.

Little finches and the like are a mighty challenge. I found it hard to see with my naked eye, and others had already identified the critter by movement and habitat.

Birders are a wonderful group. Geeks who revel in it.

Dianne said...

Wow! what a wonderful time you've had Carole ... trecking, camping, bird-watching and photography all with like minded people. Great captures of a lovely area.

Jan Castle said...

Better you than me...don't think I could make it! So happy you enjoyed it all!

Geke said...

This hike would have been something for me! Great pictures! Nature can be so impressive.

Andrew said...

What a stunning place to visit... it looks amazing.