26 May 2011

Nature's bounty - May, 2011

Mid-May on East coast Australia and I've revelled in the glory of "a touch of Fall happening". Colourful, deciduous trees like those in colder climes, aren't quite the norm for us here.

My Indian Summer crepe myrtle though, near the back door, has been offering all this over the past couple of weeks. Now after a sudden change and drop in temps, alongwith strong winds over the past couple of days and nights, most all the leaves have dropped since I took these photos.

So I've been working with one of my photos tonight and making some creative changes.  Erased the original background away from the leaves, and gave them a watercolour effect. 

Going to the background now; that was given a weave texture; then the watercoloured-leaves overlayed again. 

(click to see the bigger version)

And while on a nature's bounty topic, how about these nasturtiums that have sprouted up between the retainer wall blocks?!  Survival of the fittest... no way will I be tugging them out of there.

Will be interesting to see if they can make it to flowering stage like some other's I've grown in the past...


Diana said...

Beautiful pictures........will look great in some journals or scrapbooks :)

Jan Castle said...

Great pictures Carole!!! We are at the end of Spring with the dogwoods, other flowering trees, and still around. We go from 70 degrees and sunshine - to being in the 50's, wet and coldish. Guess that's why summer has not arrived -LOL! Would love to see your weather right about now!

Ann said...

Looks like fall to me, Carole - lovely! I'm the same way with little volunteer plants that grow in unlikely places... I just wait and see what they can do.

Adrienne W said...

I love nasturtiums, they are such survivors and like yours, I have them in the most unlikely places!
Stunning photos, as usual :)

Molly Bee said...

Gorgeous leaf pics! Love all of that color against the impossibly blue sky!

Molly Bee said...

Miss you Carol! Everything OK down under?

ModernaDesignsArt said...

Carole, nature at its best - and your pics are so precise, as if you've captured the moment of each leaf. Perfect.
Dorly Weitzen, Israel

TexWisGirl said...

beautiful colors and photos!