24 October 2010

Paper Cutting: Scissors

I love how paper-cutting projects involve so little possessions to achieve a result. It must be one of the most low-maintenance crafts around. A pair of scissors (or a blade-knife, as I use most frequently), a rubber-mat and black paper for silhouettes, that's all there is to it.

This paper-cutting design reminded me of the many days I picked up a pair of scissors to snip embroidery threads; they became a cherised tool of trade.

The original paper-cut can be found within the pages of Geknipt, history of the papercut art in the Netherlands. It says this is the logo from NVVP Nederlandse Vereniging Voor Papier knipkunst, being the Dutch Society for Paper-cut Art; cut by To van Waning-Mijnlieff in 1985.

Thankyou to paper-cutters around the world for sharing your art; that can then be replicated by others who enjoy this unique craft also.

1 comment:

Jan Castle said...

Lovely work Carole...die cutting is quick and easy; however, paper cutting is such fun and gives such satisfaction!
Jan Castle