30 October 2010

The garden: Month of September

Well I still haven't gotten to my craft room yet, but since the beginning of Spring I couldn't help but start taking pics as nature did "its thing". There is always beauty to be found somewhere in the garden, and I love to go venturing around and taking photos.

While it's warming up fast here, others are cooling down. Here are some of my favourite snippets of colour, and vitality from Mother Earth.

Succulents in bud

nasturtiums, which the bees love

and orange blossoms,


and after a shower of rain, the larger droplet to the left I can see reflections of the others.

freesias under the lime tree

and a dendrobium that I'd bought indoors for a few days .

Lastly, one of the colourful kalanchoes.


Lyn S said...

Wonderful photography Carole! It's lovely to see Mother Nature's beauty up close.

Jan Castle said...

Absolutely wonderful pics...here we are just beginning our fall and winter and you are enjoying beautiful flowers!!! Thanks for the color!

Bonnie Belk said...

Oh, my! Your photos are just fabulous, Carole. Just amazing. I love the Johnny Jump-up with the reflection in the water droplet. Are you using a macro lens? So lovely. Thanks for sharing!