05 January 2013

Fox or Barking Owl - an audio to check

10.30 pm tonight and I thought to record these calls and put a question out to you.   Are they similar I wonder?

There are foxes in the area, and have considered that these calls were in fact, the fox. 

The strange little while light in lower corner of the video is a street light in the distance, while my camera moves about.  There is too, some traffic noise at times, but clearly, six times over, you will hear the calls.

Look forward to your responses, and thanks.

The little white light reminds me of the one I saw tonight around 9.10 pm, looking simply like a star, but it was moving at great speed from west to east, and it was the International Space Station.


Dianne said...

Hi Carole... to me it sounds like a fox warning her cubs of danger. I'm not all that familiar with the barking owl call but just listened to it on YouTube and I think your video sounds much more like a fox than the barking owl.
Hopefully some-one more knowledgable will give us a bit more insight into the difference between the two.

Anonymous said...

After checking Youtube.. my uneducated guess is- a Fox.
Barking owls make a double barking call.

Great recording thanks for the fun post, Carole ~:)

TexWisGirl said...

no idea, but it's neat!

Shaun Gibbs said...

Hi Carole, that is most certainly a fox warning call. We here them all there time here in the UK.
Still a spooky ass noise though

Roy Norris said...

Its a Dog Fox Carole.

diane b said...

I wouldn't have a clue but it sounds like an owl to me.

Geke said...

Carole, it's a fox. I found this YouTube video with different fox calls and sounds. Very interesting. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6NuhlibHsM

Jan Castle said...

Sounds like an exasparated sigh to me....but then you gave me 2 choices, so I pick the fox.

Anonymous said...

Ihave never heard a barking owl but that doesn't sound like a fox yip to me. Not that I am any expert on foxes - coyotes yes, we hear them all the time. A fox here sounds more like a small dog barking and they seldom only bark once. JMHO.

Anonymous said...

We too have had a fox in the past and this sounds like a fox. :)

Sharyl said...

Without a clue or bit of experience, I was all set to guess it was a bird of some kind. But it looks like a lot of folks who read your blog know their animals!

Stay out of the dark with your camera, would you, Carole! You get in the scariest situations! :-)

Carole M. said...

Now it's May, 2013 and in the past couple weeks I was lucky enough to see and hear a barking owl while at O'Reillys Retreat, in the Lamington National Park, Qld. This definately wasn't a barking owl, they voice a 'Woof' 'Woof'.