24 February 2012

Still strolling the Harbour-side, Sydney

I'll have to go back to see the flowers!

At Mrs. Macquaries Point, on the eastern shore of Farm Cove, is this carved rock ledge seat from where Elizabeth Macquarie, second wife to Lachlan Macquarie, Governor of N.S.W. 1810-1821, enjoyed the views to the harbour. Noted as Mrs Macquarie's Chair.

 one of the magical fig-trees



CameraCruise said...

Beautiful shots!
Wow, what a tree, it's awesome!
Thanks for sharing.

TexWisGirl said...

nice shot of you on the ledge bench! and that tree!!! *swoon*

Laura said...

As always, another set of beautiful photos! You look wonderful sitting on the Mrs. Macquarie's Chair! And I love your photo of the magical fig-trees. That huge one must be very old. It's like the tree of LIFE!!!

Sharyl said...

Oh gosh, what a great set of photos! Love the one of the Sydney Opera House framed between 2 trees, then the 3rd one is wonderful, then you in the chair, and... the closeup of the tree (which looks more like something out of a movie that real life!) They are all wonderful! How lucky we are to get to see these!

Geke said...

what a lot to see around the harbour. Everytime showing us different photos of that area! Lovely picture of you on mrs. Macquarie chair. That fig tree is awsome.