09 January 2011

Playing with colours

I'd seen an idea of working with watercolours on watercolour paper and I wanted to give it a try for myself. Could make for quick and easy backgrounds I thought. Well I'm sure I worked on this what should have been a mini project way too long yesterday. I worked on it further to try and resurrect what was'nt happening for me. The result wasn't what I'd anticipated, but in the end I wasn't too displeased.

Started out with masking off each section.

Big dabs of colour that were expected to flow zen-like into flimsy balloonsy-type flowers the moment I dropped water into the middles of. Well it didn't quite happen like that! Not sure if I should've primed the paper with water first, but for anything much to happen I really had to work hard with adding lots of water.

Then I used metal mesh and rubbed silvery oil-pastels through the holes to fill in some blank areas; also overstamped with the flower outline. Also added my own little black dots with micro-pen and a white marker pen lines for others. A little gel or sparkling pen additions too, and here is the grand finale.

If I get to thinking quite what to do with them next I'll show them again, in another post. So at least, this weekend, I did try to get creative. Art itself isn't something I've learned, and to achieve anything that resembles art is one grand feat. I see others doodling and how it makes for wonderful backgrounds the way they combine it; those ideas just don't make it into my head at all. I wish there was a doodling school online to help make it happen.


Lyn S said...

I think experimentation is the best teacher Carole! These might not have turned out the way you expected, but they are wonderful all the same!

Jan Castle said...

Hey there...I reallllllly like them! Your time was well spent!

Bonnie Belk said...

Carole these are just perfect as they are. Beautiful. Don't use them as backgrounds - sign them, mount them, and use them as cards or frameable art. You know how much I love color, but you've taken the color and gone beyond. I love them.

You would get more spread if you spray your watercolor paper first - that's the easiest way (neatest!) to wet your paper. It will save you some effort in spreading the colors after they are already on the paper. The results may be different, but they won't be any better than these! You've done it again!

Bonnie Belk said...


Here's a link to doodling school!

But you don't need it - you make art all the time!