04 September 2009

Paper Cutting: Ring of Pineapples

Ring of Pineapples, proved to be an intricate paper cutting. "Finishing off" involved a lot of extra tiny cuts to remove the weeny triangles within each pineapple.

I love the lace look and being able to replicate a crochet doiley design on paper. This pattern is one I was keen to try and it’s from a Backstreet Designs publication, titled Scherenschnitte Pineapple Doilies.

Noted: The proper pronunciation of this word is “shear’ en-schnit-tah”.


Jan said...

absolutely beautiful

Shawna said...

Breath taking Carole. Absolutely gorgeous!

cma_nas said...

Hi Carole great work I wish i could do the same

Ann said...

Goodness, that is intricate - well done!