15 July 2009

Christmas in July: Iris Folding Card

Iris Folding is another great way to play with fabulous papers. The multi-patterned is washi paper. Because you work from the back side of the design, the surprise element isn't really known until you unstick the pattern that has been covering up the front until completion.

Note: This design is © Valila Reynolds 2003.

For a great assortment of iris-folding patterns, visit the Circle of Crafters


Anonymous said...

As you know, I've just started working with this technique. I love this card and I'm happy to hear that you use a pattern. Do you ever free-hand? I'd get confused without the pattern, I think.

Lyn S said...

This certainly has "WOW" factor Carole! Gorgeous card!

I'm not sure if this is the lady you were referring to, her name is Valita...this is her blog http://valitasfreshfolds.blogspot.com/