04 June 2009

Paper Cut: Hawaiian Quilt Block

Once you get in the grip of paper cutting you're forever on the lookout for new design material. My thoughts focussed on the unique Hawaiian Quilt Blocks.

Within the pages of Hawaaian Quilting, a Dover book by Elizabeth Root, I've used the 1/4 scale image for the Maile pattern, and reproduced it in my photo-editing programme (Photo-Impact X3). Then duplicated and flipped the image to make a half design; and lastly re-sized it to create a pattern I could paper-cut.

Each paper-cut Maile design fits a 6.35 cm (or 2-1/2 inch block of black cardstock), and four of these complete this card.


Lyn S said...

Great effect with the four blocks Carole, I love the circular leaf design papercuts!

Wahinelei said...

Hi Carole! Love the Hawaiian quilt block design. And it's made out of paper, even more impressive!