07 April 2009

A Quilling Experience

It has been a long, long time since I've worked with my quilling materials but I have a feeling it is making some resurgence so I decided to put my fingers to the test again. This first project really possesses more paper-sculpture features I guess and it is the Sturts Desert Pea, being the floral emblem to our state of South Australia.

Next is one of Crimson Bottlebrush flower stems, another of our Australian native flowers. I found inspiration for this design in Jean Woolston-Hamey's book titled Quilling Australian Native Flowers.

My Helium article on The art of Quilling is here for further reading if you like.


Archana said...

I just loved the bottlebrush flower stem... They look so real. This project must have been a time consuming one but Im sure its worth it. Its looks wonderful.

Lyn S said...

These are so pretty Carole! I just love the bottlebrush one!

BTW, I love your blog header! You will have to tell me how you did it!

Burtine said...

Carole your quilling is wonderful. I love your blog.

Adrienne W said...

Fabulous work, Carole!
I especially love the bottlebrush :o)

Carole said...

Carole, your work is beautiful and unique.I'm anxious to go back and finish exploring your site. I bet you can paint too. .My web site is not complete and have no idea when it will be finish,I'm relying on my children,so you may know how that goes!! I also do quilling ,since 1988.Thanks for letting me visit.

Quilling by Carole, from Baltimore Maryland